About Us

Crown Nutraceuticals sets the standard for natural patient care, focusing on scientifically supported paths to optimal wellness and performance with integrative medicine for patients around the world. We’ve created industry-leading fertility products using the only the best ingredients, as well as a premium nutraceuticals to help children speak effectively. Our proprietary formulas include Fertility Pro HERS, Fertility Pro PCOS, Fertility Pro HIS and My Voice, a children’s speech formula. Our fertility blend for men improves sperm count and reproductive function as well as semen quality. Our fertility blend for women with PCOS helps combat the leading cause of infertility in women, regulating ovulation, improving egg health and supporting a healthy conception and pregnancy by leveling hormones and promoting insulin regulation. Our premier fertility blend for women trying to conceive dials conception support down to a cellular and hormonal level, improving egg quality, assisting in healthy ovulation and providing pregnancy and conception support. To give children an assistive boost in speech development, we formulated an effective and gentle supplement blend that tastes like berries using proven, premium ingredients from around the world.

Meet Our Team

Johny Lee
Loyer Jeen
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